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Healing and recovery
is possible

We don’t have to wait till we can’t stand it anymore. We are free to get assistance, to get help. That’s what I am here for. I will help your body-mind-soul system to restore its balance, find its healing and recovery ability.

So if you are not happy with allopathy, have not seen results with it, do not want to take drugs or want a natural approach, you can come to my clinic for a check-up.

We take the journey together

I bring forth my best abilities to bring you more ease, energy and vitality. You bring in your willingness to change old patterns, to follow the flow within yourself. You go back with an enhanced ability to deal with life’s challenges. This restored balance helps you lead a healthier, happier and better life.


Leech therapy: 150sfr per session (1.5 to 3hrs, excl. leeches)
All other therapies: 120Sfr per hour.


– The first session for any therapy will take 1.5 hours.
– The follow-up sessions are shorter of about an hour each.
In most cases, I recommend a plan for 3 sessions.
For chronic, issues I recommend a longer approach.

If you are insured with an alternative health insurance, your costs can be refunded (up to 70-80%). Please check with your insurance beforehand for your personal insurance conditions and benefits.


“Testimonials needed. This is just place holder dummy copy. Once we get the final matter this will get replaced by the correct matter. Ignore. do not read. Behind the old habits, fixed beliefs and points of view, I reach out to the real you. I listen to and receive everything about you, and also to what you do not speak. Separating the true from the unreal, I draw out the authentic part of you. And when you put out your truest self, I can bring my finest quality for you.”

– Thomas Schilling