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Healing and recovery is possible

We don’t have to wait till we can’t stand it anymore. We are free to get assistance, to get help. That’s what I am here for. I will help your body-mind-soul system to restore its balance, find its healing and recovery ability.So if you are not happy with allopathy, have not seen results with it, do not want to take drugs or want a natural approach, you can come to my clinic for a check-up.


My hands are like a second pair of eyes. I see and feel with them to get a sense of what’s really going on within you: physically, mentally and emotionally. Then, I help your body to recover and find its own freedom and balance again.


Leech therapy: 150 SFR per session (1.5 to 3hrs – excl. leeches)
All other therapies: 120 SFR per hour


First Session: 1.5 hours
Follow up session: up to an hour
In most cases, I recommend a plan for 3 sessions. For chronic issues, I recommend a longer approach.

If you are insured with an alternative health insurance, your costs can be refunded (up to 70-80%). Please check with your insurance beforehand for your personal insurance conditions and benefits.


Clearing is a communication session which I conduct one-on-one with individuals or couples. It helps clear out thoughts, attitudes and feelings, and works collaboratively to discover your inner being. It helps find balance and fulfilment. Clearing is an extremely effective technique to bring clarity and self-insight into various areas of life.

Online face2face session

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Virtual group session

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