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I see beyond the obvious

Behind the old habits, fixed beliefs and points of view, I reach out to the real you. I listen to and receive everything about you, and also to what you do not speak. Separating the true from the unreal, I draw out the authentic part of you. And when you put out your trust self, I can bring my finest quality for you.

An alternative, natural healing,
holistic practitioner since 15+ years

My journey began in 1996, where I underwent the group leader training in Frankfurt, Germany. After assisting groups in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and India, I started giving talks about inner freedom. Finally, it was in 2002 that I harnessed my experience and started training as a natural and holistic healer in Frankfurt.

  • 2004: Qualified as alternative practitioner in Germany. Diploma as a Kant appr Naturopath TEN (Traditional European Naturopathy) in Switzerland (AR)
  • 2006: Natural Herbal and Dietary training in Zurich (CH)
  • 2006: I began my own practice in Wolfhalden AR (CH)
  • 2007: Completed my training course for firewalkers and added fire walking seminars to my offerings
  • 2010: Concluded “Clearing” communication training
  • 2013: Became an adult educator at SVEB, Swiss national umbrella organisation for adult education
  • 2015: Studied Structural Osteopathy according to Ackermann (Stockholm, Sweden)
  • 2017: Completed Enlightenment Master training (CH/USA, Florida with R. Wyser and L. Noyes)
  • 2018: Training in “Couple Clearing” with L. Noyes, (CAN Vancouver)
  • 2019: Received training in Functional Osteopathy and Integration FOI

I am passionate about upgrading myself constantly. I am consistently training in TEN, herbal medicine (phytotherapy), osteopathy, ear acupuncture, Paracelsus – medicine, dark field microscopy, taping and more.

Switzerland (AR) and Germany (nationwide) Approved

On the personal front, I am happily married since 2002 to my beautiful Indian wife. Together, we have two children. We live in the beautiful countryside of Switzerland, with the stunning view of Lake Constance.