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Clear your path

We are unique, let's live that

We owe it to ourselves to break through everything that stifles us, and embrace who we are and can be. It’s all about unlocking our fears and unleashing our inner freedom. Let’s take a journey that combines your potential with my unique abilities, to find your space to thrive.


Clearing is a communication session which I conduct one-on-one with individuals or couples. It helps clear out thoughts, attitudes and feelings, and works collaboratively to discover your inner being. It helps find balance and fulfilment. Clearing is an extremely effective technique to bring clarity and self-insight into various areas of life.


–   Do what you really want – your life’s work
–   Find clarity and maintain relationships in life and at work
–   Resolve life situations and problems
–   Overcome guilt, difficulty in communication, self-expression
–   Heal traumatic experiences
–   Deal with stress and difficult situations
–   Get rid of unhealthy thoughts and attitudes
–   Start something new


–   More clarity and insights
–   More confidence and trust
–   Better handling of yourself and others
–   More self-acceptance and self-love
–   Healthy boundaries
–   Better relationships
–   Letting go
–   More creativity, freedom and energy


“Inspired by the firewalk, I faced my innermost questions, unconscious beliefs and destructive behaviour patterns. I was consistently confronted with questions that were dormant and wanted to be freed. It was intensive ‘hard work’. Thanks to clearing, I found the key to the unconscious and the insights from it are incredibly clarifying and reveal so much to me. I feel free and light today like never before! Thank you for the consistent, professional clearing instructions!”


“Clearing brought me to a place I would have never reached alone. I got to see deep, hidden and unconscious aspects of myself. Exactly this, to see my pure, inner truth like in a mirror,  made Clearing so powerful. It was a wonderful opportunity to heal myself. And at the same time find better ways of communication with others. Now I share what’s on my mind and don’t hold back.”

Lana L.

“I have had 10 clearing sessions with Josef. They have provided a profound insight into attitudes and core assumptions that I have about myself. As a result, I developed a distance from them. Even though the sessions are not easy and emotionally challenging (you have to be very honest), I would recommend them to anyone without any hesitation. Josef is a great instructor, he created a supportive environment where he really wanted to understand me. This really matters and I’m very grateful for this help.”

Viktor B.