Clearing Introduction Training

You want to have more reality?

More real relating to others (and yourself)?

More fulfilment in your life?

Our true home is not an apartment or a house. Our true home is in oneness of a real other or your Self. This other can be human, nature, divine. As long as it is real to you. It’s where we can fully surrender and really be at home. This is a key principle for fulfilment. Clearing helps you to be there. Out of your “head” (opinions, conditionings, beliefs, teachings,….) and right into the real thing.

This is nothing complicated or difficult or heavy, unless we belief so.

Clearing Introduction gives you a great opportunity to get out of our own conditioning and into the real SELF.


5 Sunday evening talks, 1.5hrs each (via Zoom), approx. every 2 weeks starting September 27th

Follow up program, starting in Dec/Jan.

Training includes:

  • Basic principles of Clearing
  • communication – cycle
  • complete communication / vs. Incomplete communication
  • Diades for at home: what works, why and what doesn’t work. Examples and recommendations.  
  • ARC – relationship principle / principle of relating in any situation / aspect of live
  • Conditionings from parents/family/society and how to be free with it.
  • How to resolve Karma.
  • Tasks and homework
  • Short weekly personal supervision via Mail.
  • Every two week a personal supervision via Zoom (approx. 20 min) 

Costs: 15’000Rs. Reduced Rates for the 2nd training round starting in Dec./Jan.

What it needs from you

The calls are to be treated confidential and will give space for personal sharing as well as working with partners via Zoom.

The goal is, to profit from clearing principles in normal life. To get a good idea of what clearing can do.

Clearing has amazing potential. In my own estimation, the Introduction Training should be a necessity for everyone. A basic healthy relating guideline.

For this Calls to work, it’s a necessity to commit to it. I only want to work with people who are serious about it and interested to work with me.

If one has doubts, worries or other things.. that should be addressed with me directly.


The link of the recording of the conference call will be sent after the call. 


Hope to see you in it! Sign up with me via email: